Recently I was tasked with migrating our billing infrastructure from one plan per subscription to supporting a plan with additional line items per subscription.

Setting the scene

We have an internal database and the payment provider that we use and need to ensure that both sources were always in the correct state. For example, if the payment service went down when a user was trying to update their plan, we had to ensure that our database didn’t update with the new plan while our payment service remained stale. In the end we implemented Sagas using the brilliant library that Andrew Dryga created called Sage. …


  1. Stop those applications. Instead go to events that put you in direct contact with people.
  2. Expand your network.
  3. Be Genuine.
  4. Know what you want.
  5. The interview process is for both of you.

Looking for a job in tech is grueling. Everyone tells you that there’s plenty of jobs in the industry but getting your first job seems impossible; especially so for boot camp grads. You were promised a salary and a job but after months of searching you don’t have a single email back. What’s going on?

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I felt that pain a year ago and since then have moved jobs three times. You read that right. In a year, I’ve had to find three different jobs. Such is the life of the start up world. There’s been a running joke that every time I’ve tried learning a new functional language, my job would somehow disappear. I’ve now been at my current company, Made by Many, for four months and have been writing Elixir pretty much the whole time. …

I was recently tasked with creating filters on an admin dashboard. For those that don’t know what I mean by filters, think of it as a search bar where you can search by a number of attributes. In the case of this app, one filter was for Orders where the user could filter by id, the store it was placed at, dates, and even the inclusions or any combination of that list. There are libraries to help you out such as Filtrex but I felt like our use case was quite complex and I couldn’t figure out how to do joins for the life of me. So I decided to build my own (really, try not to do this too often). …


Elijah Kim

Full time product engineer, part time developer

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