I agree this is a powerful article, written by a brave and persuasive young man.
John Barrow

Thank you for your response. I think it is different, as you stated, for someone living in one country to understand the ins-and-outs of racial politics and tensions in another country. I certainly never thought my short piece would reach anyone outside of my circle of friends, let alone people in other countries — because of that, the scope of my explanation of race relations in America was short-sighted. You are correct, there are African Americans at all levels of law enforcement (albeit not enough to be representative of the number of African Americans in many communities) and in the courts, but the problem arises not from being totally unrepresented in those institutions; it stems from the fact that, in America, no amount of black representation can yet usurp the intrinsically white framework in which blacks must operate. The fact that there are strides of progress does not rid us of the original problem.

Perhaps in the future I will take on a more hopeful outlook of race relations. I wrote this article in a time for me, and for many in my country, that was bleak and wrought with fear. It is true that race relations are improving all the time, but in my view, our current state is not good enough, and our progress is not swift enough. That is the point of my article. I pay some lip service in the beginning to the fact that the situation we are in is not completely dire, with the mention that police indictments do happen, but still, I understand your concern. Rest assured that I never intended to race bait, or misrepresent America, but simply to critique the (admittedly improving) state of race relations in my country.

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