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Reading your response, it is very clear that you are a thoughtful guy. However, from reading your responses, you are just trying to win a debate, and are not engaging with the subject matter in a meaningful way. Just waiting for people to reply so you can refute. If you think you can boil down all the rage, anger, sadness and other emotions into these types of debates into a logical, intellectual discussion, you are never going to have empathy. You might on some level be logically correct, but you are emotionally totally missing the point. 
You even, at the beginning, said to “examine systemic racism” and yet you dismiss the experiences and perspective of the victims of systemic racism in favour of your own view on how people should react. Your individual experiences cannot simply be transplanted to the experiences of people who live through a society that is tilted against them. Chalking it up to “PC culture” is a just an easy way to get out of examining your self and how systemic racism fits in to your existence. It’s easy to claim that people should be less sensitive, that micro-aggressions are bullshit, but you have not grown up with a lifetime of experiences in which the power structures of society dehumanized you and reduced you to something less than an individual equal to others. 
Your argument lacks empathy.