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You really don’t like being told you are wrong about something do you? That is not a personal attack, it is not an attack. It’s an observation at the focus of your argument. Your response kind of reinforces the idea that you are looking just for an intellectual debate on this issue that is a visceral, emotional topic, while trying to remove emotion from the equation.

Basically, it appears as though you just want to criticize and debate the ideas from afar, instead of engaging in a meaningful sense. These things that are just “ideas to be criticized and debated as you see fit” are to others much more than just ideas, and are instead sources of pain. Sure, to us who are not affected on the daily, it is easy to say, “well, if you think of them only as ideas, they will not cause pain” but that is ignoring the reality of experience. And sure, you can see my position as advocacy if you want. So?

My reaction is to think that you are applying a narrow focus to what is a very broad discussion. I also think you are a bit less thoughtful than I originally guessed.