“Hey, you, socially dysfunctional idiot, stop being socially dysfunctional!”
Vladimir Akopyan

  1. Complacent, elitist programmers feel called-out ≠ text is a call-out (we have a saying in Brazil: “so the hood fits the head, eh?”);
  2. It’s not my text, it’s theirs;
  3. It performs a much-needed public service for other people, for the ones who have to actually deal with the harm caused by arrogant, uncooperative programmers, a widespread problem if there ever was one — and the world will be a much, much better place when more self-styled Einsteins earn a few swift, well-deserved firings from the “chimps” (it is indeed symptomatic that you automatically assumed that the post was for the socially dysfunctional programmers, rather than for those harmed by them);
  4. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has a Cohen’s d of -1.2~-1.5 for social anxiety. I treated my own SAD with it, and stopped hiding behind the pseudoscientific concept of “introvert personality” whenever my dysfunction hurt other people (whether as a programmer or as a parent, a friend, a depolitized citizen). What are you doing to change?