.Low-Income Americans are often overlooked by traditional tech innovation

21.3% of the US population is on Food Stamps (that’s a lot of people). They spend $94 Billion dollars annually. One of the problems with food stamps is that they are unredeemable online or via popular mobile apps.

That is why we have created All_ebt

All_ebt gives people the freedom to redeem their food stamps online instantly via mobile.

All_ebt was born out of the personal struggle I faced using food stamps to survive. And the collective struggle I saw in 54 million Americans, their families, their communities, and the under employed labor of today’s new low wage on-demand economy jobs.

Food is a universal human need. All_ebt is creating technology to help make basic income and global access to food and governmental social services ubiquitous.

We are creating mobile technology for Low-Income Americans that are often overlooked by traditional tech innovation. We are a group of Xooglers, Amazon, and Alibaba alumni.

We are looking for great mobile engineers that have created highly popular native iOS/ Android apps, and Blockchain Developers. See https://angel.co/all_ebt for details or contact eli@allebt.com

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