What I learned at Hyper Island Social Lab?

Last week I got to experience Hyper Island with Social Lab intensive course. Deep dive and hands-on into social media with a group of people round the world.

So what did I learn about social?

1. “You must beat the kitten.”

Let’s face it: whether B2B or B2C marketing player, kitten videos are everywhere. So how to beat the kitten? Do your audience homework and think once content planning: WHY would someone care and share, WHY? It’s all about value exchange. What’s in it to your audience, not you.

2. Use data for good

There’s something all social media workers can learn from Trump campaign: use data and segment audience, tailor content accordingly. Hunt for interactions, data points, and use them for good. (!) 🙏

3. Authenticity is the deal breaker

Don’t fake it. Don’t tell it. Document and act according to your values. The internet is full of authentic material (just look at this example, LOVE her!), blend in!

In sum, I did learn about social and more importantly I realized the importance of keep on learning. Digital and social is a speed train, and I wanna be on board and enjoy the ride! Although the lab is over, my learning continues. Every day.

What about you?