An afternoon in Miami

If you have read my last Medium articles (here and there), no need to tell you that I’m currently working on the 60-hour pre-work session required to follow the UX/UI Design bootcamp I will attend next September at IronHack Paris.

If you haven’t, well — now you do ;-)

Today, I had to plan a trip to Miami. Or, in other words, make a copy of two mobile app screens designed to help travellers follow their travelling plans. This, using one of my new favorite tool: Sketch.

Challenge accepted!

To do so, I first set two great plugins on my computer: Icon Fonts and Eyedropper.

The first one is a great tool to look for icons directly on Sketch. The set up process is a bit tricky (thanks YouTube for your help!) but it makes you gain a lot of time.

Me setting the IconFonts plugin on Sketch.

The latter is a Chrome Extension that helps you to find any HEX code (color code) and copy it. Very useful as well.

All the HEX code you have always dreamed to know.

NB: I didn't use that one but apparently Fontface Ninja is a great equivalent for typos!

Then, it was time to get my hands dirty!

I took my time and worked on each piece one by one, trying to group them every time it was relevant in order to keep everything as much organized as possible.

After a couple of hour — and again, without big difficulties — I went through it with what seems to be a satisfying copy:

Hard to tell which one is a template and which one is a copy, right? ;-)

I’m still far from finishing all the required pre-work but I must say that I am everyday more impressed by IronHack’s pedagogy: Learning by Doing really does remove all the complex I kind of had about drawing and using design tools before.

And this after only three exercises, so what will it be after the bootcamp?!

If I might share a piece of advice with you: everytime you have something big (and/or scary) to do, cut it in small pieces of work and celebrate each one of them.

You’ll see, you won’t want to stop having this steady satisfaction flow and will see your learning curve make a huge jump in a tiny amount of time!