How to use A+Ω recipes & Most common mistakes

Elina Makri
Jan 8 · 2 min read
  1. Make sure you upload excel or csv files (NO tsv or other type of files)
  2. For csv files, make sure, all values are separated with commas (not dots or semicolons)
  3. Make sure your file has values in all cells. In case you do not know a number or the cell in the file you downloaded is empty, just put 0. If it’s text (non numeric data, put: NOT APPLICABLE (or unknown). In case the file has empty cells, A+Ω will not be able to analyze properly your data and give you back a reliable result.
  4. Your excel file need to have only one sheet, not more.
  5. The description of columns should only be in the first row of the file.

A+Ω will work with this kind files

A+Ω will NOT work with this kind files:

6. In case all the above conditions are met but you still get an error and A+Ω can not proceed with the analysis, check again your csv / excel. Values might be mistakenly separated in two rows instead of one. Best way to check if your file meets the above conditions, is to open it with Google sheets. It will be easier to go over the file and spot a mistake in the cells.

7. Make sure all numerical data of a column that include commas or dots are written in the same way and NOT: 9,821.41 and on the cell below: 4.789,5

8. Α+Ω can not make a correlation between numbers and words. When you use the correlation recipe, try to correlate same type of values.

All the above might be tricky, hidden and painful to find out, but hey, this is how a data analyst pass most of his time: cleaning and putting data into the right order!

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