#6 — Achievement and opportunity

I’ve been quiet or missing from a lot of project stuff recently; now’s as good a time as any to explain why.

2 weeks tomorrow will likely be my last day in Oxford, the city that has been my home for the last 3 years. It’s expensive, it’s perpetually full of lost-looking tourists blocking the pavements, but it’s a nice city. I like the history, the architecture, the quirky customs and festivals it has. I’m a bit sad to be leaving it.

Being told that my job was ceasing to exist hit hard, and understandably hit with a wave of panic and fear and upset. Having to deal with a tenancy renewal letter at the same time didn’t help. I’ve been ill on and off since then, but bouncing back every time. It didn’t take much for me to realise I wouldn’t be able to stay in Oxford without a job, so I had to end my tenancy. As I mentioned in my previous post, the thought of moving back in with my parents while I searched for a new job was not a great one, but I was grateful to at least have the option to move somewhere.

Through it all, I was applying for jobs. Lots of jobs. “Hell, if I’m going back to square one anyway, why not start looking abroad again?”

That was when things started moving very fast. Within a week of applying for one job in particular, I had a phone call from them. The next day, I had a Skype interview with them. The start of the next week, they told me they wanted to skip the test phase of recruitment and go straight to a final interview.
Cue me flying out to Sweden a week later.

Less than a week after that, they offered me the job. I accepted immediately. Everything I had heard and seen and experienced just felt right, felt positive.

So now I’m moving twice in the space of a month; once from Oxford back to my parents’ house, then 3 weeks later I should be flying out to Stockholm to move into my new place out there and start my new job.

It’s a gloriously chaotic exciting terrifying muddle. My panic attacks are now more “oh my god I have too much stuff, I need to get rid of things” rather than “what the hell am I going to do for work and living”. I’ve spent hours poring over information about living in Sweden, moving abroad, learning bits of the language.

I start my new job 2 days after my 29th birthday. I have officially now achieved my life goal of moving abroad to live/work before I turn 30.

It’s thrilling, it really is. But also a little overwhelming. So please, understand that I may not want to talk about it a whole lot right now — it’s still a major source of stress for me. It will disrupt a lot of things I had planned; no i61, probably no more Alliance Tournament show participation, and certainly a hiatus in my video content.

But I will still be around. As ever, I’m often easier to track down on social media than I am in real life! As and when I get set up (sans my PC, until I can get my stuff shipped), I will slowly come back to things.

To the people who’ve known for a while, and especially to those who have been so helpful — thank you. I would have had many more nights curled up in a ball of fear and tears without your support.

Here’s to the next adventure!