Kashish $16 Abaya Review: Why you should buy this?

Want an instant royal look on yourself? Get wrapped in this stylish printed
Kashish Abaya in royal blue colour. The colour in itself is so attractive and speaks about its elegance that anyone will be attracted towards it. And, the big floral print in jet black colour aptly balances its glory and shine. The floral
prints are so distinct and clear that it depicts the clarity of the design.

Kashish Abaya

The price of this trendy and glamorous printed Abaya is only $16. Can you
imagine having such a stylish modest wear at such reasonable price? Yes!
MyBatua.com brings out the best designer outfits for modest Muslim
women at most affordable prices so that each one of you can enjoy wearing
stylish and fashionable traditional dresses.

Wear this charming Kashish Abaya and walk in style. People will love your
graceful attire which is best suited for casual and regular use. This
appealing daily wear Abaya has straight long sleeves to protect your skin
from sun tan and pollution. It also has utility pocket on both sides. You can
use these kitty pockets to keep your keys or mobile phone while stepping
out without a hand bag.

You may mix and match the Abaya with any colour Hijab or scarf and look
gorgeous in it. You can either pick a single coloured Hijab of royal blue or
black shade or get a similar silk scarf. However dark black or ash colour
Hijab will better suit this printed crepe Abaya in royal blue. Bring out your
ethnic style statement by wearing this alluring Kashish printed Abaya.

The fabric is cool and soothing on skin of all types. You can wear it in any
season and be comfy. Whether you are looking for a casual attire for daily
use or a decent traditional dress for college or work, this cool Abaya in
royal blue shade will appeal you. Rock on by wearing this glamorous attire
wherever you go and be a trend setter for others to follow.

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