My CUNYCodes cohort ended a little over four months ago. This program has benefited me immensely. I have noticed changes not only in my coding abilities, but more importantly, in my mental state.

Before CUNYCodes I was constantly suffering from the imposter syndrome. I always assumed everyone around me knew more than I did. I remember entering the room during my first day of CUNYCodes. I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces, and I automatically assumed that I was the dumbest person the room.

My lack of confidence in myself, and my own work, stopped be from exploring possible opportunities. I would always look up internships, but I never had the courage to apply. I figured the company could find hundreds of coders that were better than I was. Looking back at it now, I really regret being in that mindset. By not applying at all, I never gave myself a chance.

During my CUNYCodes cohort, I realized that I had a lot to offer. By working on my project, and collaborating with my team, I gained confidence in my work. Afterwards, I had a great project to add my resume, and I was proud of what I had accomplished. At the end of the program, I finally had the courage to apply to jobs and internships. I knew I would be a great asset to any company. Turns out that AOL also thought I would be a great asset. This summer I will be interning at AOL as a software development engineer. Without CUNYCodes this would not have been possible for me. CUNYCodes has really helped kickstart my career as a software developer.