We Are The Choices We Make

Ever wonder about the choices you made yesterday that define you today? Ever wonder about the fact that our choices are the ones that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities?

Every morning when we push open the curtains, we have choices to make. Some major, some minor. When we make any choice, we affect change. Thinking about the change that we are about to affect, can be overwhelming, thus making us become frozen like a deer in headlights. Over-analyzing does not help much either.

Personally, if I struggle with deciding whether to say yes or no to a certain choice, I tend to ask myself whether ‘future me’ will hate ‘present me’ for saying yes. If the answer is yes, I say no and take a leap. Not that it is as easy as it sounds, though ;) Yet, what I believe is that once you are on this new adventure, have confidence that you made the best decision with the information available, and move forward with a spring in your step. If you make a decision with the knowledge that uncertainty is inevitable, and you accept that, then you will never get stuck. After all, there is something valuable to be learned on every path we follow.

With those who ever may have struggled with choices or found themselves at a crossroads, I would love to share the essay “Fail Safe” by one of my favourite Design and Branding icons — Debbie Millman. Millman’s work has been a great source of learning and inspiration for me and I believe that her narrative might resonate with anyone who has ever felt they have compromised their own dreams. What I love most about Millman’s essay is her emphasis on the fact that confidence is overrated and to successfully manage fear it is all about courage, which involves feeling fear and saddling up anyway — and doing it now, not tomorrow, not in 20 years.