Women’s Hockey: overlooked by society?

The struggles facing female Hockey players in the sporting world

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In a male dominated industry the successes of women particularly in field hockey are massively overlooked by society as it is seen as being an “easy” sport for females, but recently things have changed. Women are being more appreciated for their achievements and it is more globally celebrated, particularly through the This Girl Can campaign.

The image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

But is female hockey struggling in terms of recognition? it is apparent that Field hockey in general gets little to none coverage and even so when it is featured in the Olympics, it is put on the back burner to the men’s team despite the United Kingdom’s Women’s team taking home the gold medal in Rio’s 2016 Olympic games

check the girl’s out in action in the video below:

Regardless of the coverage it is easy to see that women triumph in field hockey with household names such as Samantha Quek, arguably one of the best UK female hockey players who scored the winning penalty goal against the Netherlands in the 2016 Olympics, and the rise of popularity with the Hockey word cup, it is apparent that we are recognising and celebrating women’s successes in field hockey a lot more than we have been in the past. I hope to see field hockey continue to grow and prosper and for the women involved to be recognised for their talents as much as men.

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