I didn’t claim the Economist link would prove miracles to you.
Chad Myers

Ah, then first I mistook the purpose of the article from the context of the paragraph in which you presented it. It does appear the vetting process is intense.

Other than waxing poetic about the origins of the universe, I’m not sure what is to be gained from it. My question was basically a shortened version of what is to be gained from discussing the point, not that it didn’t have value. I haven’t seen where attempts at solving this philosophically have value, and my lack of seeing this is a misrepresentation of what shifting the goalposts means.

Frankly, I haven’t seen any so-called “facts, logic, or reasoning” yet to bolster your case. You are asking me to go on my own wild goose chase in order to reach your conclusions, which I cannot know is the correct path. Am I to investigate every religion and then make a choice? It’s not fair to you to come to me saying go look here and there; give me something of substance.

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