I anticipated you’d suggest No True Scotsman but that concerns actions.
Chad Myers

I have a high degree of certainty that the sun will come up again tomorrow because my experience and the experiences of others matches up with a realistic model of reality. The same goes with gravity; these are modeled and well-understood interactions which corroborate my experiences of reality. Miracles on the other hand are not realistically modeled in the natural. Evidence of miracles needs to be unexplainable through natural processes, and even then probably needs to go through peer review.

I didn’t leave Christianity because it was heretical of other religions. I left it because I had no justification to believe in something supernatural with no evidence.

If you can make the case that miracles exist, how does that get you any closer to proving the existence of God? How do you know the miracles aren’t caused by some other religion? How do you know miracles are not some unknown emergent property of the universe? Saying “miracles, therefore God” is a false dichotomy.

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