First, you should know that I was an atheist for about 10 years, so I definitely feel where you’re…
Chad Myers

I read through the Economist article and didn’t find anything particularly compelling. I guess it begs the question, why doesn’t God heal amputees? If he does, why are their proofs not accepted?

Second, I’m not sure philosophical arguments are useful for a theistic claim. They seem more like mind games to try to reason you into a belief which still has no evidence. Why does the universe exist? Does that matter? It does exist. Where it came from or what was before it might not be knowable, but that does not invalidate our lack of needing God as an explanation for anything else we can explain through natural means. Why does the universe exist just begs the question that there is a why.

Third, I am very skeptical of claims on the bible’s veracity as infallible, either historically or scientifically.

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