A lot of the arguments on the original post, such as the Starlight problem, seem to argue against…
Chad Myers

Your reasoning is correct; evidence for an old universe and evolution do not debunk God, they merely debunk young universe and anti-evolution claims. But posing that Catholicism holds the correct answer seems more like a No True Scotsman fallacy.

Science was the means for me to throw off the shackles of religion. By embracing logic and reasoning, I can assert a right to withhold judgement on the supernatural unless sufficiently credible evidence is presented. Trying to get a new foundation in religion is merely asking me to accept a new proposition based on faith, with the same amount of evidence: zero.

If another religion holds truth, I want to know it. But the burden of proof lies with the claimer, and it must be demonstrated why I should give it any diligence using actual evidence.

You may be right; Catholicism may hold that truth. But until it can back up its claims with reasonable evidence, I’m afraid that it is met with the same skepticism as all other supernatural or mythical claims. It is on you to convince me otherwise.

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