Developing Websites with the Mobile First Approach

The recent times have witnessed a lot of attention and focus being shifted on a ‘mobile centric’ approach in website designs. With the ever increasing usage of mobile phones businesses have targeted into shifting their attention to a more widely spread mass mobile user market. By focusing on web development based on mobile platforms, the leading software development company in India offers businesses a wider reach among their target customers.

What is the Mobile First Approach?

According to reports, the international smartphone user base is anticipated to reach over 6.1 billion by 2020. The task of making your website mobile-friendly or compatible in mobile devices is no longer optional but a necessity. In fact, Google since 2015 have started using the mobile-friendliness of a website as a factor determining ranking of websites by rewarding websites that are compatible in mobile platforms as well and punishing those which aren’t optimized for mobile devices.

The mobile-first approach says that mobile design is the hardest and hence should be done first. It says when developers create a website or an app; they should begin sketching and prototyping the smallest screen which is that of the mobiles first and then develop into larger screens. This process is also technically known as progressive enhancement. What it means is that, the minimum of the designs will require only the essential features, so right away the heart of your UX is already designed.

Most importantly, it’s all about delivering the accurate user experience to the exact device. The most proficient android app development company in India focuses on mobile application development processes that start with understanding the client’s needs in a comprehensive manner.

Benefits of Mobile First Approach

A Responsive Design: Mobile centric approach benefits users in many ways. Providing the identical design through various devices provides the same customer experience in whatsoever device they are watching the site on. The importance on high rates of client satisfaction and pleasant user experience is very essential for businesses. This is possible by providing the same continuity in order to seamlessly offer a fluid design with the same content to the users. It also reduces the load pf work internally for the business as the team of developers will only have a single set of code to manage also reducing the costs of development.

Also Focuses on Content First Approach: Building with a mobile first approach also takes into consideration content because mobile platforms have the most restrictions. From limited screen size to bandwidth, designing surrounded by these constraints forces developers to highly prioritize on content. Apart from this, the mobile-first approach also organically leads to focus on a design that’s highly content-focused in turn thus becomes user-focused.

Rates of Conversion: Designing with a mobile first approach will also generate high profits for your business. Conversions on mobile platform rates are up 64% comparatively than with the average conversion rates on desktops. This type of designing is also advantageous when it comes to consider the download times and the users gaining access to the content as fast as possible. With very less elements, the page will tend to load faster.

Therefore, it becomes very important that when you are developing a website or web application always concentrate on the ‘mobile first approach’ if you aim to achieve success and higher profitability in your business outreach. The software development company in India helps businesses to develop more responsive and mobile compatible web solutions in order to deliver the best possible user experiences and attain high profitable returns.