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Cuttwood -”The Sauce Boss”, is a world well known brand of e-fluid from Los Angeles, California. In spite of some genuine debate encompassing its most well known flavor a while back, Cuttwood continued developing and is currently one of the biggest e-fluid organizations in the business. However, substantial and prominent aren’t generally synonymous with quality, so how about we investigate their lineup and check whether all the buildup is genuine.

Before we discuss each flavor separately, how about we go over some broad certainties: Cuttwood E-Juices are all hand created in a best in class research facility in Los Angeles, utilizing “just affirmed astounding fixings and the best flavors on the planet”. They are 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG), so while you can hope to get heaps of vapor vaping them, on account of the high VG content, the PG heightens the flavors and the nicotine throat hit, making this a balanced e-fluid. Since this is still a high-VG juice, it won’t wick extremely well in clearomizers and essential CE4-style clearomizers. To get the best out of Cuttwood flavors I prescribe utilizing either a decent RDA or an excellent tank, similar to the SMOK TFV4.

Presently on to the Sauce Boss flavors:

Cuttwood Boss Reserve — this unmistakable brilliant creation was the principal Cuttwood juice I at any point attempted, so I thought I’d begin this survey with it. The main thing that got my attention was the mark, which is styled like that of a Jack Daniels bourbon bottle, which is befitting of an e-fluid with “hold” in its name.

Taking a whiff of the juice before trickling it in my Plum Veil RDA, I could scarcely contain myself from really taking a taste (kindly don’t do that) as the resemble nectar sweetened grain and ready bananas made my faculties insane. Really vaping this astonishing blend was shockingly better and helped me to remember one of my unsurpassed most loved juices, Viva las ‘Nanas from Fa-Q Vapes. I got a similar flavorful nuts and bananas blend, however with something additional — a grain like taste that is clearly nectar graham oat. There is obviously “velvety drain” in it also, yet I didn’t get that.

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk — this one unquestionably tastes of drain, and the flavor is entirely sensible it overwhelms you the first occasion when you vape it. There’s a motivation behind why Unicorn Milk is a standout amongst the most well known e-fluids available right now, with nearly everybody who’s attempted it prescribing it as the best strawberry milkshake juice cash can purchase. That may seem like an embellishment, yet it’s truly that great!

How they figured out how to make an e-fluid that tastes simply like Nesquick strawberry drain shake is past me, however the flavor is practically indistinguishable. Yes, the strawberry tastes simulated and sweet; however it should keeping in mind the end goal to copy that velvety, foamy milkshake we as a whole used to love as children.

Unicorn Milk is Cuttwood E Juice best flavor, but on the other hand it’s the most disputable. First and foremost, this heavenly juice used to really look like strawberry milkshake too. It was a misty, smooth invention with a touch of pink blended in. In any case, when it unfolded that they were utilizing Titanium Dioxide to get that unmistakable smooth look, the vaping group blamed Cuttwood for putting individuals’ wellbeing at hazard. While titanium dioxide is regarded as for the most part safe for utilization by the FDA, that lone alludes to ingestion. Inward breath is an entire other matter.

Aside from this flavor, which I sort of have blended sentiments about, whatever is left of the Cuttwood e-fluid line is downright terrific. Regardless of whether you incline toward sweet, rich or fruity vape, Cuttwood has you secured and I can prescribe you won’t be frustrated.

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