I’m a verified Twitter user with 11k followers. Here’s why I’m quitting the site.
Kelly Ellis

Kelly Ellis This is terrible. I mean this is really, really, awful. I’m so sorry you have had this to deal with, but I’d like to ask a question or two about how you would have liked it to be handled.

For example:

  • Would you want to simply block them from ever showing up in your feed? Or even disallow them from slandering your name completely by preventing them from even tagging you in their posts?
  • What if after they were blocked, the UI showed the number of times they have been blocked for everyone to see?
  • Would banning the user account provide enough solace for you?

I’m trying to use your situation/experience to come up with a method, a solution, etc. that would help victims of these types of attacks online for future social networks.

I’d really like to know your thoughts about it.

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