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Apr 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Middle East based eLira Airdrops Over 1 Million Tokens

  • New peer to peer Middle Eastern company eLira is currently airdropping 1,319,000 eLira tokens in the first round of Airdrop
  • 5,000,000 eLira tokens are being given away exclusively to airdrop participants who help promote eLira on social media
  • The chief aim of the current eLira airdrop is to raise awareness of the new Middle Eastern project in advance of launching eLira as an official ERC-20 token in June 2018

Cryptocurrency airdrops are the easiest and most lucrative way for smart investors to invest in digital currency tokens, prior to tokens themselves hitting the market.

Of course, with there being no shortage of ICOs in active development, it isn’t always easy to find airdrops worthy of actually participating in. As far, however, as new Middle East cryptocurrency eLira is concerned, astute investors may want to act fast to stock up on free tokens while they still have the opportunity to do so.

What is eLira?

Why new Middle East cryptocurrency eLira is so exciting is simple. Despite news of new cryptocurrency exchanges like Palmex.ae launching in the UAE, adoption of cryptocurrency in the Middle East has been much slower than in the West.

Regulatory hurdles, lack of access to legitimate exchanges, and limited Internet access mean that it can be inordinately difficult for many people in the Middle East to buy and sell digital currency. The good news, however, is that eLira is designed specifically to overcome all such hurdles.

eLira as the World’s First True Peer top Peer Cryptocurrency

Like Bitcoin, eLira is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed around robust blockchain security and trustless transaction settlement. Just like Bitcoin, eLira can, therefore, be used to pay bills, send payments to friends and family, and shop online (or offline) wherever eLira is accepted. Where eLira and Bitcoin differ, however, is when it comes to how tokens themselves are cashed out and/or exchanged for local fiat cash.

With eLira, Users can be Their Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

As anyone who has ever bought Bitcoin or top market cap cryptocurrencies like Ethereum knows, buying and selling digital currency is far from easy.

In order to buy or sell coins like Bitcoin, users need to register with cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Coinbase. To make matters worse, even when account holders are based in the same territory as exchanges themselves, limits will often be imposed on how, when, and where cryptocurrency can be converted back to regular fiat cash.

Thankfully, eLira changes all this

  • The eLira wallet app allows individuals to act as their own eLira exchange
  • Users who want to buy or sell eLira tokens can use the app to find people willing to buy or sell tokens in their local area
  • To counter fraud, eLira features a state-of-the-art Escrow system which only releases funds when proof of payment can be fully (and if necessary) independently authenticated
  • The eLira payment Escrow system can also be used to set up recurring, smart contract based payments, between individuals and businesses
  • eLira wallet users can send eLira token to anyone, anywhere in the world instantly
  • As well as eLira to fiat cash (and vice versa) transactions, eLira users can also exchange eLira coins for other cryptocurrency offerings like Bitcoin

A Truly game Changing New Kind of Cryptocurrency

At present, billions of people in the Middle East and Asia are excluded from the cryptocurrency market. eLira is, therefore, about to make the cryptocurrency market much more accessible. — All without eLira users needing to rely on existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms and/or regular financial institutions.

When does the eLira Airdrop & ICO Token Sale Launch?

Are you ready to be part of the second cryptocurrency revolution?

At present, eLira is airdropping 1,319,000 eLira tokens in the first round via http://airdrop.elira.io and all official eLira social media channels. Meanwhile, for those who might miss out on the current eLira giveaway, the official eLira ICO will be launching this June, with 4,000 eLira tokens being awarded for every Ethereum or equivalent token.

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