“Too much freedom undercuts freedom” — William Raspberry

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It is no secret that Continuous Integration, and in most cases,
Continuous Delivery (CI/CD in short)too are one of the most sought after development practices among technology-related companies nowadays.

These practices, provided they are applied correctly, are said to improve software development efficiency.
This, in turn, leads to faster development time, fewer integration issues compared to integrating once, and assisting in the prevention of a well-known phenomenon called “Integration hell”.

One of the many challenges in implementing this practice, which we will discuss in great detail in this post is its starting point.

There is a variety of products to choose from, and the task of selecting the most suitable solution might not be simple without acquiring a deep understanding of the tools and their specific designation.
Often organizations are picking solutions without that knowledge and are facing great methodological incompatibility issues that lead to a painful migration, undesirable patchwork they are required to maintain or might even lead to organizational catastrophes. …