“ I wonder why some people think that a short story is a statement on *all* men and got defensive”

I disagree with your take on this. I mean, even if the title said “woman”, that’s still not a declaration on “all woman”, neither “all men”. Not even “most men” or “most woman”. There’s plenty of stories with titles similar to this that people don’t read as “all men”. To put an example, “Men Trouble” (haven’t read it, just google it), tell’s a story about one woman. Period. And you could change for “firefighters like red” and no one would think “it’s talking about all firefighter”, they would think “it’s just a title for this story”.

This is a story about a couple. And yes, might reflect some couples, but doesn’t speak of all. I don’t identify with the woman on this story, neither I think it describes my relationship or most of the relationship I see. But I also can see where this comes from. In fact, roles could be reversed and the message would remain the same for me. But I’m guessing that the roles showed are traditional men-women because people are more used to them.

The funny thing? When you complain about “PR”, you are doing something that might lead to woman staying silent around you. Since you don’t want to hear their problems, why tell you in the first place? You are taking the risk to end in preciselly the situation this story describes. You (and some men) are tired of “PR” so even if some women experience something like this, you don’t want to listen to it. If you get your way, women would shut up. And then, how would you be supportive? We’ve already stablish that men don’t read minds so how would you know when a woman needs support?

The man in this story is not bad, he’s tired from work. Sustitute work for “reading PR endlessly” and you have the same situation. We all are tired, we all have problems, but we still should make time and space for the people we care about. That’s my take on this story.

If you feel that listening to all woman is too much, try to listen only to the ones in your life, and just stop reading random short stories that have nothing to do with you. No one forces you to read or listen, but asking to not write, speak or complain denies them the oportunity to get support or help from others. That’s the opposite of supportive.

Again, this story is not about all men the same way a story tittled “cops” is not about all cops, it just sound well.