What Women Don’t Say

It’s a good story, has got so many reactions. I wonder why some people think that a short story is a statement on *all* men and got defensive. I think this story only talks about *some* kind of relationships. And for the ones who think *she*should talk and say what she’s thinking, the point is that she doesn’t feel *safe to talk*, she’s afraid of his reaction, to make things worse. This kind of conversation comes after many others, and if in those others when she speaks get a bad reaction, well, it comes a point where you stop talking. In fact, when you read the first conversation, do you think he would react in a nice way if she told him her problems or would you get the impresion that he would get angry and told her that she’s a burden and that he has enough problems to also deal with hers?

There’s lot of heathy relationships that are nothing like this, but it’s easy to lose perspective and let the day to day ruin your personal life. The people who put the blame on her for not speaking out, have considered that he could ask? or just stop for a second *his* complains so she gets the change to speak up? No, instead he told her that “great, now you are upset”, he notice she’s not right and blames her reaction saying she gets upset “easily” instead of asking why. Doesn’t sound like someone who cares about his partner. And that’s the point, don’t let work or money problems blind you to the good things you have or stop caring for the people in your life.

Anyway, anyone is entitled to their own opinions and free to get ofended by a short story. XD