Swipe Fatigue: How online dating is failing us
Jasmine Sachar

It’s normal to feel tired. Dating apps are tools that help you met people, but the people you met is no different than the one you met in the street or at the gym, hobbies, etc. It takes time to know someone, so I think it helps to focus on people with more chances to conect.

What help me (and might not work for other people) is to be upfront about the things that migh make me be rejected. I wanted men who won’t be interested in me to swipe left. That way, I won’t waste time in people who I have no chance (or that I was sure won’t like). How to do that? I chose a picture with a batman t-shirt. That was me, no filters. And I was candid about what I liked to do in my free time, the things I loved, etc. And that worked. Sure I had lots of failed dates, but at least there was something in common to start. Eventually I met my boyfriend.

On the other hand, I was quite sure that I didn’t wanted to be with someone who stopped liking me once he got to know me. Rejection is better the sooner it happens. Also, you don’t need to be liked by many people, just one. Or if you want lots of hock ups, you want people to self filter out if they are not interested in hock up. Less work and higher chances of success with the ones who swipe right.

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