Calling all Women Role Models
Aishwarya Ravindran

I’ve learn a lot from the women on my family. My mother work in IT and I ended working in IT too even if it wasn’t my initial intention. After that, I’ve found some women who were willing to teach me and others that don’t, some who have become my friends and others that prefer competition.

I think it’s about numbers, I mean, if you found few isolated women, then you generalize on a not representative sample. What’s more, when a woman have been the only woman for a while, is usually is on her guard and she might have been told by the man on the project that the other woman is out to get her, so she “attacks pre-emtively”. Often, the way you aproach to them affects at her reaction.

To put an example, once I was in a project were all the men expected that the other woman and I fight each other. She liked Lord of the rings, we became friends. Then while some of the men were happy, other were dissapointed, because they would have liked to see us be bitchy. Wanna guess who told me bad things about the other woman?

Point is, there are some “Queen Bees” out there, but there’s also women who are afraid to connect with other women because then, it could cost them men’s approval. Then again, if they don’t like that you make friends, maybe those men are manipulative and not really friends/mentors… And sometimes even the bith could be your friend, just saying. XD