Couldn’t agree more, Elisa.

So true, the men that I have seen harass women, also treated other men badly. But some of them were clever and manipultive, started to gain the trust of people before acting that way. They took advantage of the “brotherhood” for that until it was advantageous for them to just betray that trust. And then, the victim felt lost, because not only he was at the end of serous abuse, but the one doing it was suposedly his friend, a friend he had defended against “falsa acusations” (acusations that were true by the way).

Problem is, many of the “microagressions” socialy acepted offer plausible deniability to manipulative people. They get to say that “it wasn’t their intention” and that it was “just a joke” and so on. That is why some people tend to think that someone being cruel to others but nice to them surely is because the victim “did something to deserve it”.

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