I totally agree.
Jere Krischel

The thing here is not that “some people are weak”, is that everyone have “thin skin” or more accurate “weak spots”. To put an example, someone who has phobia of needles could fell really unconfortable if I were to describe in detail how I went to donate blood and how the nurse have trouble finding the vein so she had to twist the needle after the initial puncture, how I could see the needle through the skin and how it hurts.

Listening to that would make them unconfortable to say the least. And after that I could make fun about that and how that person makes a big fush about so litle thing. That won’t make them stronger, just would be a bad time for that person.

Sure I could put up with sexual comments o whatever. But the point is not if I could, the point is that if I want to. And considering that we don’t live in isolation and that we live in a society that consider women who have sex “sluts”, and that this society doesn’t respect “sluts”, that means that puting up with what you consider “just a joke” implies that I’m accepting disrespect. That’s the message people get from that. And once they see you as “taking disrespect” they won’t respect you in other areas like “saying no to a date” or whatever other shit they send your way.

Now, you could chose to say things that people have specifically told you that they don’t like. For whatever reason, because you find funny make your cute coworker blush or because you think not censoring yourself is more important than not hurting others or because you want to use that to undermine the respect for them. Then you should be able to accept that the person answer based on your actions and their effect, not on your supposed intentions. Since they already told you, there’s no benefit of the doubt anymore. So if they call you on it, shame you or whatever their consider appropiate, they are not “over reacting” they are enforcing boundaries and respect.

“You could claim that there are some people who are so weak and unable to strengthen themselves that the morally responsible thing to do is to censor ourselves around them, put up with their shit and dont call them on them so not to hurt their feeling and allow them to think that their are being nice even when they chose to make you unconfortable, disrepect you or hurt you. But I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe that they are strong :)”

I think I found the topic that make you unconfortable. But, ei, maybe I’m helping you develop better coping mechanism when it comes to equality. hahaha, just joking. ^_^