I’m sympathetic to most of these but NOT with the one where she slept with her married boss.
Crimson Wife

Wrong. He was her direct boss at a new job. That means her job depended on him. He didn’t need to spelled it out, if she refuses, she would get fired. She was coerced.

Predators love plausible denial, but at this point, everyone know that a boss that makes a move on someone from his team is not good. He took advantage of his position. And the fact that after sleeping with het told her that he was married (impliying she might not know he was married) and also threat with “it would ruin both lives” meaning he would make sure her would be ruined? that tells us he perfectly knew what he was doing. So there goes your plausible denial.

So, yes, you missed the part with the first implied threath and the second thread after. Oh, and in case it’s not clear, is there really someone who could think that “ey, this person is hidding from me, she’s so into me!”? Please, explain what posible reasoning could be at that point, no one is that stupid.

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