Elisa — many thanks.
Richard Lyon

You keep making strawmans and willfully ignoring my points. Have you considered the possibility that women have stronger inmune systems by nature? That the funding for all those investigations is raised by women and not public? If men are so concerned about those disseases, they can do as women an raise funds, donate money to that reasearch. The idea that women should care first about men before it is fair for them to donate their money in the research they want is absurd.

“ it were true that the goal of feminism is equality of outcomes between the genders” → That is what you don’t understand (or don’t want to understand). Feminism wants equal opportunities. And things like same pay for equal job.

“ that funding for men for disease prevention and suicide prevention should be increased until parity of life-expectancy and suicide outcomes are achieved. Yes?” → Why not include also parity on birth and pregnancies? In your fallacy where nature has nothing to do with health, that should also be possible, right? Funny enough, it is quite possible that feminism that free men from stereotypes where they have to be strong might help some men seek help when they become suicidal without stigma from machismo. But then I guess people like you won’t be able to used suicides as a cheap attack against feminism. Tragic.

Thanks to you too.

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