What kind of change are you looking for through your design system? Here’s one way to frame it. It should serve you if you want to make your pitch to someone in a management position, someone with a stake in the productivity of digital product teams in particular.

When you can no longer fit your digital product team(s) into one room or weekly sharing session, collaboration dynamics change:

How do you promote an agenda when you don’t feel like you have an official, acknowledged position to do so?

Recently, I’ve become interested in the experience of authority, what it tends to rely on… and whether my current perception of authority, whatever it might be, is something that should…

Creating a design system is not an once-off exercise. But what kind of changes should you prepare for?

What's a design system?Design systems provide guiding principles and re-usable building blocks for related products and product teams. They provide solutions to recurring design and development needs. They establish a shared, cross-disciplinary language. As such, they address both visible user interface elements as well as internal processes. A design…

Elisa P

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll always find something intriguing or amusing to wonder at.

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