Omniscien Technologies introduces automatic subtitling in over 540 language pairs

This article was originally published on The Language Industry.

The need to make content accessible internationally is growing fast. When it comes to localising audiovisual content, subtitling is arguably a faster and more cost-effective solution than dubbing. Subtitles are becoming increasingly popular among the public: originally conceived for the hearing impaired, they are now being used to make foreign language content accessible.

To meet the demands of an ever-growing audience and offer a positive user experience to a linguistically diverse customer base, the market needs effective subtitling solutions. This is where language technologies come into the picture.

An example of the way in which subtitling technologies can be applied is offered by Language Studio, a machine translation (MT) and language processing platform developed by Omniscien Technologies, a Singapore-based MT systems supplier with operations in Bangkok (Thailand) and Zoetermeer (Netherlands).

Language Studio V4.0, which was released earlier this summer, has already combined both customised and off-the-shelf MT engines with optional human post-editing.

The latest version of the product has now been further enhanced with the automated ingestion of MT-generated subtitle content in more than 540 language pairs. This new feature provides producers and distributors with an integrated solution, enabling them to caption audiovisual content such as live video streams, TV series and movies.

Post-editing of MT-generated subtitles can be added to the workflow to give clients full control over the output. In the process, all post-edits are saved in the MT engine, thus immediately improving the quality of the output.

Omniscien has designed over 100 ready-to-use engines to be used without further customisation within 13 industry domains. The ready-to-use engines can be customised either by the customers themselves or by Omniscien’s own language professionals.

The latest version of Language Studio was presented at Languages & The Media, the 11th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media in Berlin (Germany) on 2–4 November 2016.

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