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Thank you for sharing your journey, this struggle to identify with and embrace your hometown. I, too, went through a similar desperation the morning after the election, completely horrified when I saw that 59.8% of my home county in rural Minnesota voted for Trump with a margin of +23. This from a county that voted +1 for Obama in 2012.

These people are loving and welcoming and nothing but accepting to people in their community. They support their students, sick, elderly, low-income, and disabled residents. They aren’t experiencing the deep pain of post-industry America like many other states. Many of them are successful farmers and teachers and insurance agents.

So why did they vote overwhelmingly for this despicable man as President of the United States? I want to believe better of them. I want to believe they were uninformed. I want to believe they were troubled. I want to believe they are now disgusted with themselves.

For the last week and some days since the election, I have been mourning that I did nothing. I didn’t talk to them. I didn’t ask them why they supported Trump. I didn’t tell them what I thought. I didn’t share my ideas. I didn’t canvass. I didn’t get out there and fight for what I believe. I am ashamed that I didn’t do more. But mark my words, that’s the last time I stand by and let a national political disaster occur without doing my part.

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Thank you for sharing.