The Enigma of The Pusharo Petroglyphs — Depictions of A Cosmic Map?

Peru is a nation blessed with an incredible ancient history.

Covered from top to bottom with mind-bending archaeological sites and countless rock art sites, deep within the Eastern Ridge of the Andes, we find what many explorers concur are some of the most mysterious, stunning and significant ancient sites.

The so-called Petroglyphs of Pusharo are a unique and extensive ancient rock site located in Peru’s Manú National Park, a jungle expanse considered one of the unexplored and little-known areas of Peru, for which an official government permit is required for entry.

For many explorers, treasure hunters and followers of the esoteric and mystical arts, the area of Pusharo and the rock engravings are closely related to the legendary lost city of Paititi, reason why for several decades, the area has been visited illegally, or less commonly with an authorized permit from the Manu National Park Headquarters by countless international groups, including, film producers, writers, and scholars.

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