Was Gilgamesh — The Demigod of Ancient Sumeria, a Decedent of Ancient Astronauts?

Undoubtedly, popular culture does not do him the justice he deserves and his name goes more unnoticed than it should be. Gilgamesh is the father of all the mythological heroesthat have been known in the history of mankind.

He was the first.

Like many things in our culture, he too originated in ancient Sumer, the land considered the cradle of civilization, hidden deep in the lands of ancient Mesopotamia.

Probably the first superhero in history, Gilgamesh achieved fame above all as the protagonist of the “Poem of Gilgamesh”, also called the”Epic of Gilgamesh“.

Historical evidence suggests that Gilgamesh built the city walls of Uruk to defend his people. Gilgamesh fought against the demon Humbaba (or Huwawa), along with his former enemy Enkidu.

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