Summer 10-Item Wardrobe: Update

A couple things have changed since I posted my Summer 10-Item Wardrobe back in June. One: it’s gotten hot. Wicked hot. Breaking 100 degrees hot.

Two: I’ve come back to earth and realized I will never wear white jeans on a daily basis. Ha! I was so young and naive . . . last month. Fortunately, I found a replacement right in my bureau.

Coral seersucker shorts from J Crew Factory.

Boom! These suckers go with all of my tops, and they’re cute, to boot. Plus, they’re great as part of a casual outfit with a white t-shirt, but they’re also dress-up worthy when paired with my sequined top, below (one of my extras).

Coral sequined tank from J Crew Factory.

Finally, I realized that my mint green cardigan was a bit of a mistake. While I will wear it, it doesn’t go with enough things in my 10-Item Wardrobe and must be added to the extras instead. In its place, I found (drumroll please): something from J Crew Factory. Of course.

Coral “Clare” cardigan from J Crew.

As you can tell from the picture, I was so excited to take a photo, that it still has the fold marks. Whoops. Also, the color looks a little different in the photos, but the sweater does harmonize nicely with the shorts. However, it looks even better with the navy items in my wardrobe (see the full deal below).

Now! On to accessories. I have to admit: I usually don’t wear ’em. The only items pictures below that I wear all the time are my gold hoop earrings and my wedding and engagement rings (not pictured). But, I thought I’d take a picture of the stuff I wear when I’m not worried about my baby eating my jewelry.

From the top, then left to right: a gold necklace from my husband, yellow “statement necklace” from J Crew Factory. Gold hoop earrings and Tiffany bracelet–both from my mom–and a gold leather bracelet I picked up from a friend on Martha’s Vineyard.
Orange You Jealous by L’Oreal.

However! There is one accessory I wear every day on my toes. No, it’s not a toe ring (and ew). When I was in high school, I was determined to wear Birkenstocks, to the dismay of my more fashionable mother. So she struck a bargain with me. If I wanted to wear them, I had to keep my toes painted. No exceptions.

Usually I’m a red nail polish kind of girl, but in keeping with this summer’s (totally accidental) coral theme, I found the perfect pinky-orange polish. Even better, the name is a pun!

So, just for reference, my updated 10-Item Summer Wardrobe:

J Crew Factory chambray shirt.
J Crew Factory fruit t-shirt.
J Crew Factory gray T-shirt.
J Crew Factory white T-shirt.
Light aqua shorts from J Crew Factory.
Gap navy cargo shorts.
Coral seersucker shorts from J Crew Factory.
J Crew Factory striped dress. I love this dress. I wore it until I was eight months pregnant last year and it still looks great.
Floral dress, made by me maybe four or five years ago? Pattern by Amy Butler.
Coral “Clare” cardigan from J Crew.

So there you have it: another dorky fashion post by yours truly. Got any tips to share?

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Originally published at on July 8, 2015.