Brief 2 DES322 Moving image — Intro

Theme: Stagnation

my original story was to be based on the idea of folklore and banshees. The main focus of my film was a derelict chapel located in Cargin (Toome) but I couldn’t get permission to film behind the safety barrier. so I had to completely change my idea last minute due to trying to get the permission.

I kept my other two locations Sewart hall (Stewartstown) and Ballyronan marina.

Re drawing my storyboards I changed my theme to Stagnation The idea I had for my short film changed to the girl feeling stuck and unable to develop and move on. (like she’s a trapped Sprite ) and the acceptance of who you are.

^ Cargin Chapel (Toome) (where I orginally wanted to flim Image taken from online source)

^ Image from taken during filming at Sewart hall (Stewartstown)

^ Image taken during filming at Ballyronan marina