Peeling Off The Layers

In release, we begin.
Afraid to lose or be left out, we chase + cling… + in clinging, we are lost.
The deepest things beat within, made dark + fearful by our holding, only uplifting the instant we let go.
[The Book Of Awakening]

I believe that authenticity involves peeling off all the layers we have acquired through the years. The layers of fear… unworthiness… I need to look like X… I need to act like X… etc. Even certain things like beliefs + values our parents instilled in us. Is that really what we believe? Is that really what we want out of life?

True freedom is being YOURSELF. ++ while it seems so easy, “just be who you are” — most people don’t even know who they are. They are wearing so many layers that it’s suffocating them, but they don’t even realize it.

You know when words of wisdom seem to be knocking at your door? Maybe you don’t hear it [or listen to it] the first time, but soon enough you realize that God//the universe//something larger than yourself is trying to tell you something. That’s what’s been happening to me this past week.

It started in a taxi on Tuesday. Sarah + I were riding home from our meditation class, talking about how getting into *flow state* looks different for everyone… like, take zen monks + Tony Robbins for example — both are incredibly present + in touch with themselves + their surroundings, yet their outside state//presence//energy looks absolutely different.

We came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how you get into flow state — the zen monks//Tony Robbins aren’t *right or wrong* — it’s all about being yourself + discovering what radical present awareness looks like to you.

The taxi driver quietly said: “I’m sorry, I have to interrupt. You said, “just be yourself” — but what does that mean? How do I know who I am? How do I know what I am supposed to be?”

We had the most amazing conversation — it was DEEP. REAL. GENUINE. ++ it showed that there are so many people struggling with what it means to *be yourself*…. because we are so hungry to be loved + fit the mold.

Last night, I was at Church ++ the priest asked us… How do we see ourselves? How do we see others?

We do not see things as they are — we see things as we are.

Sadly, there’s such a lack of self-acceptance + self-love nowadays that it makes us feel that we are not worthy of love. Our ugly perception of ourselves cause these suffering feelings.

This is a lie.

We are all worthy of love because we are created in love… that’s who we are at the core.

If only we realized that we would feel complete love if we only fully loved ourselves. We fully love ourselves by being authentic + allowing ourselves to be who we were created to be.

We must peel off the layers. Let something go that’s not serving you today. Allow yourself to shine in your own unique way. The word needs you.

I bought oranges today to remind myself to continuing peeling off layers… because if I do, I will reveal my true self… + there’s a big juicy sweet heart that’s so ready to be love + spread love.

You are loved,

++ Elisabeth

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