Limburg, where tales come true

It is not about the destination, it is the journey that matters the most

Limburg allow you cross the water trough surprising structures as this one which separate the lake in twice as the same level as water

You feel some fresh air running through your face, it gives energy to your body. Your heart is pumping blood quicker with every heartbeat. First you feel the fatigue, then the power and finally the best sense of fulfilling. Going out with your bicycle, is one of the best experiences you can have in your life, as it is a cheap, endurable and fast way to visit places. You can choose the destination and you can stop whenever and wherever you want along the way.

In Limburg there are a lot of places where you can rent a bike if you don’t have one of your own. That makes it accessible to everyone and makes our lives easier. Besides, this Belgian region is more than ready to welcome to thousands of bikers with almost 2000 km cycling routes and 390 numbered junctions along the province which you can identify with a blue traffic sign such as this below.

Traffic Sign which you can find along your journey in Limburg

Do not worry about getting lost. You will find these blue signs which will help you find your way. There are two different types of signs; one of them is as I showed you above and the other is a square shape and with numbers which are linked to different routed. If you are lost, the only thing you have to do is to find the next signal with the same number and then go on with your route. Besides, people from Limburg are really friendly and polite. So do not hesitate to ask them for information, if you have any doubt.

Always remember to plan in advance any trip you want to make, because different destinations may need different preparation. For example, riding a bike around the city center is less challenging than exploring a forest or a mountain. In the second case you may need special equipment with you, water, or even food. If you want, you can decide some days ahead which route you want to take by pointing it out on the online map. Furthermore, you have to check the weather forecast, as we all know rain is not a bicyclist best friend. Being alone on such a trip allows you to capture all the beauty around you, especially when it comes to nature. You appreciate every moment of the trip and you get to know yourself, your limits and your capabilities. 

Road in the Limburg woods which pull you to dream

Limburg is a rich region full with beautiful landscapes and a very big variety of vegetation. You can see animals in the open, but do not you worry, they are not dangerous. There is a huge fauna with numerous types of wild and tame animals. Tame animals belong to the farm and they are trained and friendly. This would be a great opportunity to teach children how to be respectful with animals and nature and in this way, the trip will now have an educational purpose. It is very important for the kids to learn from a young age that there is more out there than huge buildings and the hectic lifestyle of modern cities. Limburg can be the ideal place for this if you give it a chance.

Black cows part of the fauna of this paradise

You can see beautiful swans, frogs and other small insects which you can look and touch if you are calm and have enough patience and free time. If you want to feel like Moises crossing the water, then you have to go junctions 91 and 98 where you will find the lake showed you in the first picture of this article. It is really amazing to ride your bike right through a pond, it is an experience that not many people have the chance to live and it is really worthy.

Let yourself be surprised by Limburg’s beautiful scenery, its charming and cozy houses, and its friendly people. Here you can find views that nowhere else can be found and they are really worth a visit. Give yourself the chance to feel free in the wildness on nature around you and let your inner instict guide you to places you have never visited before. Feeling like a character in a movie is not difficult when you are riding your bicycle in Limburg. Here is the place where dreams come true!

Landscapes full of cozy houses surrounded by surprising flora and fauna
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