“As I see it, the instant toxic ragefest over Booker’s hideous betrayal has a couple assumptions at…
A Voiceless Nation

Hey, thanks for your reply! A couple points:

These links are intended to show the popularity of post-election articles discussing the populist sadness of poor white America. (Interestingly, two of the experts cited, Stephanie Coontz and David Blankenhorn, have previously been on opposite sides of the marriage equality debate but now seem to have found an area of common ground.)

I think you make a valid point about demonstrating symbolic support for particular measures. The scope of this article is, by design, very modest: I’m only interested in interrogating the logic behind Democratic party purity politics, which I don’t think is very good logic. Once that’s out of the way, it is indeed my hope that we can focus more on what electeds do right than what they do wrong.

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