Pramila Jayapal’s Latest Mailer Is Just, You Guys, No. (Plus some musings on why her feminism is bullshit.)

On the right: dog-whistling racism. On the left: feminism you guys!!!
I’m assuming Lawrence is a Professor of Latino-Spotting or something.

One bigger problem

  • This is a race where both candidates are qualified and have made worthy contributions to the cause of justice. At that point, I think it’s relevant to bring up issues like who has passed more bills.
  • Some Jayapal supporters say it’s not fair to compare Walkinshaw to Jayapal re: legislative effectiveness for reasons ranging from “he’s in the Dem-majority House and she’s in the Rep-majority Senate” to “the effectiveness ranking favors seniority” to “Democratic state senators are all pretty close to each other in terms of effectiveness.” To which I would say: you have to get bills through both chambers before they become laws, and how does any of that explain that Jayapal is at the very, verrrrry bottom of the list, behind 5 other Democratic state senators elected from 2013 on? (Reuven Carlyle does not appear to be listed in Fiscal Note, the independent organization that compiled the ranking.) There are only 23 Democratic state senators, so 6 who’ve only been in office since 2013 isn’t a bad sample size.
  • If Walkinshaw had maligned Jayapal’s activism, or her founding role in One America? Hell yes, I’d be mad, because doing that would be inaccurate. But not only are these effectiveness charges accurate, they’ve led to The Stranger reporting that Jayapal’s measures of her own success are sometimes eccentric, to say the least:

At other times, like at this campaign event and in this Reddit AMA, Jayapal said the increased reimbursement rates for long-acting contraceptives benefited “millions” of women. But there are not millions of women on Medicaid in Washington, and estimates from people close to the contraception coverage expansion process put the number of women affected by that policy change at somewhere between 7,000 and 30,000.

  • Then there’s her attendance to consider. On the one hand, Jayapal missed about 10% of her votes, considered by some supporters to be totes okay. On the other hand:

In comparison to the other 155 legislators that are members of the minority party in their house, only four have missed a higher percentage of their votes. For reference, Representative Walkinshaw, having missed 34 of his own votes, has skipped 2.9 percent of his total roll calls, while 28 minority-party legislators have perfect attendance.

One more problem I have

The author, stating a bad fact while sporting bad hair.
Pictured: an awesome ’80s tracksuit, but not much intersectionality.

I’m a mom. I’m a woman. I say that actually I am not a woman on Monday, a mother on Tuesday, a worker on Wednesday, and immigrant on Thursday. I’m all of those things all of the time.

— Pramila Jayapal




Oh god. Find me on Tumblr @ ecc-poetry, Patreon @ elisachavez, Ko-fi @ elisachavez as well.

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Elisa Chavez

Elisa Chavez

Oh god. Find me on Tumblr @ ecc-poetry, Patreon @ elisachavez, Ko-fi @ elisachavez as well.

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