Rage Tweeting the Apocalypse

The Constitution is the government’s toilet paper

(After reading one too many articles about how America must “come together” and accept the New World Order)

The American people are PUSSIES for accepting Trump, Bannon, Conway, Bondi et al and forfeiting our place as a world power!

I am utterly disgusted by the sitting government refusing to take action against a sexual predator who refuses to show his taxes 1/

who is demonstrably unfit for the presidency on EVERY LEVEL, who will be the subject of constant lawsuits for fraud, sexual assault etc. /2

without a fight, saying, “oh, well, 2018”. We have capitulated to an antiquated system built by whites to suppress blacks. Russia /3

will be our master, and the GOP will destroy human rights on an unprecedented scale. Women's rights, gay rights, minority rights /4

suicide hotlines are swamped with calls. Listen, guys, CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE, DRUMPF DID NOT/5

AND YOU’RE TELLING ME THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT? Our president-elect will have the NUCLEAR CODES and he’s tweeting abt /6

the “failing @nytimes. Media is flagellating itself. WELL, BOO-HOO, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Hate crimes are through the roof. A racist maniac /7

is taking the helm of Drumpf’s campaign and we’re being told to accept it? We shall be plunged into war, crimes against humanity, /8

the sort of thing we would not tolerate in other countries! They would be on trial for WAR CRIMES! The government is TAKING IT IN THE /9

ASS BECAUSE THEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. You, govt, are responsible. You, govt, need to do something./10

NONE OF THIS CAN BE NORMALIZED. Sick people will lose their health insurance, Medicare, benefits and we’re supposed to lie down and /11

let our country rape us? Why is rage the wrong way to respond? “There, there, Americans, be kind to each other. Love trumps hate.” /12

BULLSHIT. This is a fairy tale narrative that allows people to do nothing, in hope that we can look away from the destruction of our /13

nation and smile hopefully at each other. If Trump is impeached, we still have Pence, Bannon et al and we are still fucked. What amount /14

of human decency has to be abolished so that we can go ahead with this farce? Journalists who worked tirelessly to tell the truth/15

during the campaign were ignored because “emails”. If there isn’t a fuckton of lawsuits to be brought before January, then we have failed /16

as a nation. You have destroyed America’s legacy and hope for the future. I want Clinton to sue to be president. The Electoral College is/17

signing off on our fate. Our constitution will be the GOP’s toilet paper. Sue the Electoral College! We can’t abolish it, but we can/ 19

sue them, we can use the mountain of crimes Drumpf has committed, the financial lives he has destroyed, against him and keep him from /20

continuing as the president-elect. If @BarackObama is complicit in this, he is relegating himself to the garbage can of history. /21

I am in despair.

Fuck you, government. Fuck you, media. Fuck you, Clinton campaign. Taking this lying down means you have failed America.