Triggering Trump

Not the tapes. Not the accusations. It was the second debate.

Before we wade into the stinking morass that Donald Trump will create in the third presidential debate, I want to warn women out there: you will be triggered.

My friend from out of town had managed to completely avoid politics until she visited us. And watched the second presidential debate. She was horrified. But she had nothing on my friends on Facebook. The next morning I woke to my wall filled with posts by my female friends saying they had been unable to sleep after the debate. Having flashbacks of assault. Panic attacks. Crying.

It wasn’t just Donald’s stalking of Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t just his looming over her much smaller body. It wasn’t just his arrogant disrespect. His rage oozed through the screen. He wanted to physically attack Hillary. The only thing that seemed to hold him in check was the audience and camera. Hillary didn’t seem to turn a hair. As Secretary of State she has faced many a crazed despot. Crazy McTinyhands barely fazed her, which sent him into a meltdown.

Hundreds of women were triggered, if the response to my Facebook post was anything to go by:

So many of my female friends with PTSD were really messed up after last night — flashbacks, insomnia, crying — I feel terrible for them. I couldn’t get to sleep. Trump is a nightmare for women. And everyone else, too. But this illustrates how unsafe he makes us feel on a primal level.

This post drew 118 comments, 70 shares, and 500 reactions.

“ He towered over her. Stood behind her. Interrupted her repeatedly. And belittled her. He portrayed signs of a dominating predator.”

“ Trump brought back memories of my uncle who was a sexual predator.”

“As I was watching, I was thinking of all the times I’ve been mistreated, nearly killed, and told to ‘just lay there’.”

“ I didn’t say anything but I caught myself standing up and checking behind me. At the time, I didn’t give it any thought, make the connection, as I was standing and applauding Hillary too…but then last night, I checked the house a few more times after I went to bed.”

“I couldn’t sleep, then had a nightmare with The Pig in it. I am thinking of writing Letters to Editors pointing out how intensely TRIGGERING that Sewer Rat is for any woman who’s been groped, assaulted, abused.”

“I have talked to so many women saying they couldn’t sleep after the debate, had nightmares, felt dirty and violated, had to immediately take a shower. It was a horror show all right.”

“I had to keep looking down, during the Debate, because his looks and body language, were a “Trigger”, for me! I wish there wasn’t a third One! Trump is a Diabolical Demagogue Predator! Wish I had Hillary’s nerves of steel!”

In a follow-up post, I asked some of those women to share the memories that came to them in the wake of the debate. I have not used their names, of course. I’m not going to editorialize. Let’s let the ladies speak for themselves.

“My first assault? GROPING . I was 6.”

“ Those who have NOT been exposed to a predator should keep theirs mouths shut. Because they have no CLUE what they are talking about.”

“When I was 10 yrs old I was sexually assaulted by my Mom’s BF! So I know what sexual assault is, and TRUMP can deny all he want’s but the TRUTH be known, IT IS SEXUAL ASSAULT! This has brought out what I went through as a young girl, and it makes me sick to my stomach!”

“TY, that means so much to me and I’m sure to all the woman out there who had been sexually assaulted. It’s time the people who committed these crimes against women are made to pay for what they did!”

“T’s sadism to Hillary brought back sickening memories when I was between the ages of 10 to 16.”

“I was raped by a minister. My daughter was raped at 16 by someone that broke into our apartment. He said she was beautiful and deserved it. No one deserves that. It is about power not sex. The rapist is after your soul. My child was never OK after that and she tried very hard.”

“An older guy asked me to go with him to look at a sign he wanted painted..outside of town he pulled over and grabbed me started kissing me and ran his hand up my shirt..he played with my nipple and I pushed him away from me. I said what do you think you are doing and fortunately he stopped and we went back to town. His move on me only lasted about two minutes but has had a life long lasting impression. I can’t have anyone touch my just a few seconds my life changed.”

“I was working for a small company back in the late 1980s and a middle aged coworker, in a management level position would come up behind
 when I was at the copier and full body press me …..of course when no one was looking. Since I was always the one who got in the office first to open it up he would make sure he got there early to trap me in the office. No amount of telling him how repulsed I was of him deterred him. I threatened to tell his wife and he laughed and said she wouldn’t believe me. I told my manager, also female, and she believed me because he had done some of same things to her. She spoke with the CEO/owner about this behavior and all he did was laugh.”

And now Trump is behaving like every other sexual predator does after being caught. Belittling his victims. Calling them ugly. Calling them liars. Making fun of them in front of his salivating followers. How many of those men are sexual predators? How many of them beat their wives? How many of those women are afraid to speak out?

His campaign doesn’t seem to get why Donald Trump is losing with women. SAD!