Competing without a Penis
Kirsten Seeto

Thank you for this article Kirsten! Addressing this issue is very important to improve women’s performance in competitions. Here in Brazil we have been discussing a lot about this matter trying to get solutions to get more women in the air. We have even thought about having some kind of formula to add points for the pilots that use wings with different wing loads (male or female). We have also been talking to local competition organizers asking them to have a separate ranking for women as a way to encourage their participation.

We want more women flying and performing better, so we have been trying out different actions to try to achieve this results and we have been getting help and support from nice sponsors that also have an interest on seeing an increasing number of women in the sport. We have set up some local online contests and we have organized a meeting last year called Saia Para Voar.

I would like to translate your article to Portuguese to add it to our discussions group. Do you mind? Thank you again!