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Get on the Good Foot

Is it possible that the murder and the trial are just an afterthought? Looking beneath the surface, it seems quite possible the real narrative arc here is one man’s journey from the darkness into the light, in his struggle with eczema.

A disease that much like Zika, is wildly on the rise by the way. Kudos to the filmmakers for using such a popular plot device as the death of a beautiful white manic pixie dream girl to call attention to a skin disorder that we as a society have neglected for far too long.

Look away if you must, but in giving us such visceral images of a man laid low by his atopic dermatitis, Richard Price & Steven Zaillan have chosen to steer into the skid.

And for all the fire HBO has come under lately for choosing to glorify rape and violence towards women for the sake of ratings, surely this portrait of a practitioner, an everyman Teva’d out Turturro at his finest is an argument that we don’t need to rely on titillation and tropes to gain an audience.