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They killed the monologue!!

Guys, progress is being made.

Try not to shed a tear for that poor teleprompter, because much like this lamp, it has no feelings & this new opening is much better.

It’s a big night for producers everywhere. On the Challenge, whoever came up with that Orwellian twist at the end deserves a huge raise, for restablishing how great that show can be.

Find me a better cliffhanger moment on television anywhere this year. Outside of a Trump rally that also involves a baby that may or may not get back in. That is without a doubt one of the all time great heel turns in history, and if Simmons doesn’t reach out and do a podcast with TJ, Bananas and Sarah, then that’s just a shame.

And by the way the show this season has been criminally under-reported in the Ringerverse. But understandably so, as priorities go to the wall to wall Pokemon Go coverage we’re all craving.

But let’s not get sidetracked.

Huge pat on the back all around to the crew for convincing the Sports Guy that the opening was sucking the life out of AGW.

Much better pacing to open the show.

It’s looking like clear skies ahead for this little talk show we’re all rooting for. Now if only we could kill off that tiny loveseat & let them sit in proper chairs like grownups.

Even at a movie, there’s more personal space

But that’s a battle for another day.