Hosted by Greylock Partners and TechCrunch

For the fourth year in a row as part of TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, Greylock partnered with TechCrunch to host an afternoon of career guidance, feedback and networking through Include Office Hours and the “Women in Tech(Crunch)” reception.

TechCrunch Include Office Hours

Founded in 2014, TechCrunch launched the Include Program in an effort to facilitate opportunities for underserved groups and founders. This year, Greylock investors Sarah Guo, Saam Motamedi, Matt Heiman and Seth Rosenberg met with a combined total of 24 underrepresented founders from industries including cybersecurity, fintech, AI, E-commerce, gaming and crypto. Each investor held twenty minute one-on-one meetings to provide these entrepreneurs…

2017 was a year of considerable change. Across industries, people challenged the status quo and fought for equality and accountability. Markets that aren’t historically known for innovation, like trucking and financial services, were disrupted by new technologies (hello crypto!). These new technologies will fundamentally change the course of many industries over the next few decades. In 2017, we saw massive acquisitions, long awaited IPOs, and a new crop of entrepreneurs on the hunt to find the next big thing. As we move into 2018, platforms like voice and AI will further develop, and advancements in emerging technology including blockchain and…

Hosted by Greylock Partners and TechCrunch

For the third year in a row, Greylock partnered with TechCrunch to host an afternoon of career guidance, feedback, and networking with TechCrunch’s Include Office Hours and the “Women in Tech(Crunch)” reception.

TechCrunch’s Include Office Hours

During TechCrunch’s Include Office Hours, Greylock investors Sarah Guo, Matt Heiman and Saam Motamedi met with a total of 18 underserved and underrepresented founders from industries including cybersecurity, AI/AR, fintech, digital commerce, Big Data and vertical SaaS. Each investor held twenty minute one-on-one meetings to provide these entrepreneurs with an opportunity to gain valuable insight and advice. …

Startup Communications with Square’s Aaron Zamost

Forming a well crafted communications strategy is part action, and part reaction. It’s about developing and telling your brand story in a deliberate way, while at the same time understanding the macro media landscape and thoughtfully responding to the narratives about your industry. Aaron Zamost, the Head of Communications at Square who led comms through the company’s IPO, has done an amazing job at synthesizing how the tech press works in his blog posts including “What’s Your Hour in ‘Silicon Valley Time’?” and “The Invisible Force That Warps What You Read in the News.”

In this podcast, I sit down…

We are at an exciting moment in time for technology. Secular shifts, including mobile and cloud, have created a unique opportunity for scale ups across all industries. Entrepreneurs are solving real problems with technology. Last year, the industry saw some impressive advancements in messaging, AI, and machine learning. Platforms like Amazon Echo showed consumers the power of voice as an interface and the beginning of self-driving cars and trucking fleets marked a turning point for autonomous vehicles. As a new wave of startups build on these emerging technologies, I asked some of our investment partners — Asheem Chandna, Jerry Chen

Jerry Chen, Partner at Greylock Partners

Creating a New Business Category at VMware

In the age of developer-defined infrastructure, where developers have decision making power in application and cloud infrastructure technologies, open source has proven to be a powerful go-to-market and distribution method for both startups and enterprises. Developers are always looking for new technologies to improve their productivity. For example, Docker has emerged as the enabling technology to build and scale cloud applications. But for many incumbent software companies, open source wasn’t necessarily the obvious strategy.

Keep Comms and Carry On

You are the founder of a startup. You get a call. “I am looking for your comment. I heard from my sources that your company is…”

The reporter begins to fill you in on the piece. They are chasing a story leaked from a source (or two…or three…) and trying to confirm the facts. Maybe it is a negative story, or perhaps it is just something you are not yet talking about publicly. In short, it’s stuff you would rather not see in print. Oh, and they want to publish within the hour.

Don’t Panic

Remember, the job of the reporter is…

The Power of Platforms

When Facebook opened its API, the platform spawned a completely new way of distributing apps on the web. Developers now had unprecedented access and deep integration into many of Facebook’s core features, allowing anyone to sign up and start building. In just six months after opening up the platform, more than 10,000 apps launched. At that moment, Josh Elman, now a partner at Greylock Partners, realized that the social network was going to change the consumer Internet.

But as this “Cambrian explosion” of apps unfolded, Josh, a product manager at Zazzle at the time, saw users became less engaged…

Dan Portillo from Greylock Partners shares his insights (Video)

In today’s heated market, recruiting for top talent is more competitive than ever. Employees have more career options — which means that established technology companies and startups are often aggressively pursuing the same top candidates. For early stage companies to be successful, founders need to develop a thoughtful recruiting process, and need to do it early on. Doing so will ultimately shape the DNA of the company. …

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