What’s the deal with social selling frenzies?

I can say I have been caught up in the frenzy of social selling. Over the last couple years, I saw a ton of companies setting up facebook stores, selling tons of items, and of course I thought, “I can do this.” I saw companies on instagram in loop giveaways. They had secured 10’s of thousands of customers. “That’s great,” I thought. But after that craze was said and done, what are we actually left with?

We have all been, let’s say, inspired by the frenzy of social selling. From a distance it seems so glamorous. It seems like something that is attainable to all of us. But then, why doesn’t it work for all of us? Even more, why does the frenzy fizzle out after such a short lifespan? If you go on facebook now and take a look at all those stores that had hundreds, maybe even thousands, of sales per week, it appears that they are hardly getting any hits. Why? Because they based their entire business on facebook’s platform. Facebook’s real estate. When facebook decided to make changes to their algorithm, many of these companies were left in the dark. It was like a frenzy that instantly dropped off. It’s truly out of sight out of mind.

And lastly, instagram followers. Don’t feel bad that you have 200 followers and another brand you come across has 45,000. I have learned over the past 6 years that followers do not equal customers. Quality over quantity is 100% true. If you have 200 followers, and a good portion of them are paying customers, you have the potential to reach hundreds more just through word of mouth! You don’t need to buy an e-book to tell you how to “get” more instagram followers. My advice is to be completely true to yourself and your brand. Post quality and meaningful posts every day. My only advice would actually be to just show up every day.

Until next time…