The Millennial Perspective

How apps are changing the game for millennial companies (like us!) and the consumers they serve (aka you).

Sexual health. It’s a vast topic. From consent to birth control to sexuality, there is a wide range of issues that fall under the sexual health umbrella. Part of my job, however, as one of the co-founders of tabú— a sexual health app for college students — is not only being knowledgeable of these various issues, but actually understanding how college students are engaging with these topics. What are their opinions? Their habits? Their needs?

Gathering this information, however, can be difficult and costly. And while there are some wonderful organizations that provide important statistics on national trends, such analysis is often in lieu of more targeted data. Each pocket of students has their own habits, perspectives, and comprehension when it comes to these topics. Being able to collect this information is crucial to not only tabú’s impact, but our mission as a company. But like many startups who lack the necessary resources to conduct expensive surveys of their own, we are left in a lurch.

That is, until now.

A Viable Solution

Enter Whatsgoodly, an anonymous social polling app and the world’s largest database of millennial opinions. With over 130 million opinions to freely search (a new feature they just released), Whatsgoodly makes it easy. I’ll give you an example of what I mean.

A major issue facing college students is sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. In fact, many statistics claim that one in four college students have some kind of STD and that as many as one in two sexually active persons will contract an STD by age 25. That is terrifying.

To combat these high rates, we at tabú are in the process of creating an educational campaign with a call to action to get tested (which you all should FYI). Part of this initiative includes a partnership with myLab Box — an at home testing kit for STDs — to provide a private, alternative option for college students. With their quick, hassle-free testing process, myLab Box is the perfect fit for a millennial generation increasingly taking responsibility for their own health and wellness. Before designing our campaign, however, we wanted to get a better idea of exactly how college students were currently tackling this issue.

Searching the Whatsgoodly database for “std,” we found a whopping 1,050 relevant polls, including “Ever had an STD” and “What do you think when a girl wants you to get an STD test before sex.” But one poll in particular stood out: when did you first get tested for STDs? Created at our very own alma mater and voted on by college students everywhere, the poll revealed a shocking reality — 72% of students admitted they had never been tested for STDs. (I mean jeez guys!)

This realization not only validated our assumption that there is a need for more convenient and simple testing options like myLab Box, but also provided real time data on the sex and dating habits of our target market. These insights are already proving to be crucial as we move forward with our campaign strategy and general education efforts to tackle this apparent disconnect. Pretty cool right?

So What?

Which takes me to my final point — what are the deeper implications of all of this? As the first “digital natives” and most educated, diverse, and entrepreneurial generation, millennials are leading the charge in innovation. We are redefining not only how companies interact with their consumers, but their very structure and operations.

Driven by millennials, the startup scene in Silicon Valley is a hotspot of potential. It is an environment where entrepreneurs are encouraged to question convention and pursue creative means of making a difference. The budding world of mobile apps is a universe of its own within this space, still relatively untapped and full of possibility to change the world. Whatsgoodly proves that. Never before has exchanging information been so incredibly easy. But somehow this revolutionary polling app just made it easier.

My co-founder, Mia, recently wrote a piece on the future of digital health. In it she explored a key conundrum facing innovators — with such an unprecedented “wealth of information and analytics at our disposal, how do we make sense of this data to create better products and affect meaningful change in people’s lives?” It’s a question we at tabú are passionate about and one I believe is applicable here as well, especially as Whatsgoodly’s searchable database exposes this wealth to a larger public.

The more real-time data we can collect, the more we can push companies, news sources, brands, etc. to truly fit the needs and desires of their consumers. And as the largest generation, millennials certainly have a lot of opinions, influence, and spending power. At tabú, our goal is to be a leader not only in the vast field of sexual health, but in the next generation of millennial-driven businesses — businesses that use this data to be more responsive to their users than ever and create meaningful change on an entirely new level. Now doesn’t that sound awesome?

Want to no longer be part of the 72% who don’t know their STD status? Well today is your lucky day! Check out myLAB Box and use promo code: tabu15 for 15% off your very own myLab Box kit. Knowledge is power people! Speaking of which, download tabú!